培养目标Learner Profile

  • Inquirers 积极探究
  • Knowledgeable 知识渊博
  • Thinkers 勤于思考
  • Communicators 善于交流
  • Principled 坚持原则
  • Open-minded 胸襟开阔
  • Caring 懂得关爱
  • Risk-takers 敢于尝试
  • Balanced 均衡发展
  • Reflective 及时反思


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      国际小学于20116月成为国际文凭(IB)项目候选学校。20156月成为国际文凭小学项目授权学校。国际文凭小学项目使每一位学生都能够以适合其发展的方式参与学习,使用积极的探究式教学方法,给孩子创造真实的学习情境,使学生能够主动探究、形成自己的问题,设计自己的探究辩证思考,学生互相协作,建构知识,达到理解,为培养有国际情怀、有质疑能力和创新思维的终身学习者打下坚实的基础。/OEC Primary Year Programme has been PYP candidate school since June 2011 and authorized by IBO on June 2015. PYP provides each individual student the way of learning which suit himself best. By inquiry teaching, we create a real learning situation which enable students to make inquiry, raise questions, develop their logical thinking, collaborate with each other, and get understanding. It can lay a strong foundation for students to be a lifelong learner with international mindedness, inquiry ability and creative thinking.

      课程特色——让孩子从小学习先进的国际认可课程 /Curriculum Feature-Advanced international acknowledged course from childhood.
      在国际小学,我们严格按照国际文凭组织的要求设置课程,国际课程的内容重视学生的身心全方位发展,除了使学生具有一定的学科知识外,还注重他们在社交、身体、学业、情感和文化等方面的发展。/For PYP, we set our curriculum abide by IB requirements. We attach great attention to students all-round development. Not only focusing on subject knowledge, we also lay stress on students social, psychological, physical, emotional and cultural development.
      英语特色 —— 努力为孩子提供全英语式学习环境达到国际认可的标准/English feature-Try upmost to provide English only environment and set international acknowledged standards.
      在国际小学,英语教学由中国教师与外籍教师合作教学,我们根据学生的语言实际运用能力因材施教,采用我校独创的英语水平等级测试系统,实施分层教学。该系统以国际认可的英语测试系列为准则,分为一级、二级、三级( KET)PETFCE。定期测试,以便更可靠、更系统地测试学生听说读写所取得的进步。学生毕业时,学生至少达到三级水平。随着他们的语言水平和能力的提高,我们鼓励学生向更高的测试标准看齐,即参加PETFCE或更高水平的考试。KETPETFCE等证书在全世界157个国家得到承认,是升学、求职、晋升、出国留学的国际通行证。小学毕业时,学生能够熟练运用20002500英语词汇,相当于雅思3.5分或更高。/For PYP, English language is collaboratively taught by Chinese teachers and western teachers. We adopt our unique ELPAS to implement different levels teaching. Based on Cambridge KET, PET, FCE test, we make periodical test to know students improvement in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Our graduated students in year 6 can pass Movers test. We encourage our students to work for PET, FCT or higher level test. The certificates of Cambridge test are acknowledged by 157 countries around the world and work as permit for their future learning, jobs or oversea studies. After graduation, our students can skillful use 2000 to 2500 English words which is equivalent to IELTS 3.5.
      活动特色——让孩子在活动中快乐成长/Activities feature-Growing up happily in activities.
      国际小学注重基础学科知识教学,也注重孩子的个人发展。丰富多彩的活动是促进孩子成长的最佳途径。参加一次活动就是一次经历,孩子在各种各样的经历中成长。除每个学科有独特的活动外,还有更多的文体活动和学生活动,要求人人参与,人人在活动中受益。/We pay much attention to students basic subject knowledge, as while as students individual development. Rich activities are best ways to push students to grow up. Students can experience a lot each time they participate in activities. Besides subject activities, we have provided various physical and cultural activities.
      多元评价特色——让孩子学会反思 更加自信/Multi-assessment feature-Students learn to reflect and be more confident.
      在国际小学,评估是所有教学与学习不可分割的一部分,我们使用均衡的、形式多样的校内评价和反馈进行评估,这些形式有:个人成长档案、教师、同伴及家长意见、作品、过程性观察和表演等。评估由师生共同进行。 我们鼓励孩子经常进行反思,反思课堂学习,反思作业练习,反思考试情况,反思活动感受等。每周都有详细的生活与学习评价,有师评、自评、学生互评等。/Assessment is integral to all teaching and learning in PYP. We employ techniques for assessing students that take into account the diverse, complicated and sophisticated ways includes students profile, feedbacks from teachers, partners and parents, formative observation and presentations. Assessments are conducted by both students and teachers. We encourage students to reflect on classroom learning, exercise, exams and activities. We make assessment and record the results each week.