Social Practice

作者:中五班 徐浩霖 来源:本站原创 发布时间:2018年05月30日

From May 16th to May 17th ,our school organized a social practice which let me gain a lot.

On the first day,we went to Doctor Cais Farm.The guide led us to the countryside where we experienced the farming life,such as planting rice seedlings,picking up the loaches and picking up some potatoes.It is so funny and pleasing.This experience let me understand that we should not waste food because the grain is not easy to get and it should be cherished.

On the second day,we went to Yin Xian Resort in Dongguan where there are many amusing facilities,such as the glass bridge, the roller coaster, the pirate ship. Those were so exciting,thrilling and interesting.I also played some games with my friends.We had fun together and it improved our friendship.

Thanks to the activities held by our school,we relaxed ourselves both physically and mentally.They let us gain a lot of things that we cannot learn from textbooks.I look forward to next social practice.

中五班:  徐浩霖


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